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Workplace safety is about identifying and preventing hazardous conditions that can contribute to illnesses, injuries and fatalities.  One very distinct hazard potential involves the accumulation of contaminants within oxygen system components – this is where Morgan Aero comes in.

One of our specialties involves the utter and complete removal of contamination materials – from particulates to organic and inorganic matter.  Even something as miniscule as dust or a smudge must be removed, via trich cleaning for example, to prevent fires and explosions in oxygen-enriched atmospheres.

The potential for auto-ignition, fires, and explosions, often, centers around pure or pressurized oxygen which has the incredible ability to act as a powerful oxidizer.  Under the right circumstances, oxygen acting as an oxidizer is considered a coveted asset to ensure industrial applications perform as they should.  Under the wrong circumstances, however, oxygen as an oxidizer can lead to severe fire and explosion hazards due to its ability to increase the flammability range for contaminants to ignite far more readily.


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When contaminants are allowed to become overly-embedded in oxygen systems for too long, those contaminants act as a source of fuel within the ‘fire triangle’ – the other two ingredients being oxygen as the oxidizer and heat sources.  Heat/ignition sources can include something as simple as high-velocity oxygen in the presence of particulate contaminants.  Other ignition or heat sources can include heating by adiabatic compression, mechanical impact, and simple friction.

Morgan Aero’s trich cleaning and other cleaning for oxygen services have everything to do with risk mitigation.  We are established authorities in this very niche arena, backed by nearly 6 decades of committed partnerships with aviation, aerospace, and general manufacturing entities regionally, nationally, and globally.

The safety of your San Antonio facility and the people within it warrant top-tier experience in trich cleaning and other cleaning options that are evidence-based, expert-led, and solutions-driven.  Trich cleaning is widely recognized as a powerful and impressively-effective cleaning option used for vapor degreasing, cold cleaning, flushing of liquid oxygen, the cleaning of electronic components, and more.

Our technicians bring a wealth of experience to the table and take into account the type of debris to be removed, the physical composition and attributes of the oxygen-system components to be cleaned, the methods and equipment required for specific cleanings, and more.


Your Oxygen Cleaning Needs are All Addressed, Right Here

Our trich cleaning and other cleaning options address specifications that include:

  • Boeing BPS-O-100
  • BAC 5402
  • BAC 5408
  • DPS 4.901
  • SAE ARP1176 & MIL-STD-1359


Please contact our team at (425)-438-9600 if your San Antonio facility has a cleaning specification not listed here.

Morgan Aero’s services cover the cleaning, inspecting, and packaging of all oxygen 1) fittings 2) tube assemblies 3) crew, therapeutic & passenger masks 4) bottles 5) test equipment and tooling.


Our Certification is Our Pledge and Our Promise

Morgan Aero’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016.  Additionally, Morgan Aero is Source Qualified to SAE AS9003 and Boeing Q14.

ISO 9001 is used as the international standard for quality management.  It ensures our San Antonio clients of products and services which, consistently, meet customer and regulatory requirements.  It, also, demonstrates our pledge towards continuous improvement.  AS9100 incorporates all the elements of ISO 9001 in addition to industrial standards unique to the aerospace industry.


Our Cleaning Services are Fully Comprehensive

San Antonio facilities have all their cleaning for oxygen services met under one roof, regarding:

Assembling and packaging oxygen system components and sub-assemblies in an approved clean-room environment to, fully, meet clients’ specifications.

Operating a Boeing-approved clean room and vapor-degreasing facility that can process tubing assemblies up to 20 feet long.  Trich cleaning is heavy-duty stabilized for long-lasting bath life and generates stunning results when used as immersion cleaning, solvent cleaning, and vapor degreasing applications.

Hydrostatic pressure-testing to 6,000 PSI.

Manufacturing and repairing specialized oxygen-system test equipment to meet San Antonio customers’ unique requirements.

Assembling and integrating your parts to exacting specifications for direct shipment to the Boeing Company.  Morgan Aero offers its unique position – quite literally – to enhance efficiency for our customers due to our location being a mere half-mile from the Boeing Everett facility.

Since 1964, Morgan Aero has greatly valued its close partnerships with aviation, aerospace, and general-manufacturing entities across the globe.  Through our Aerospace Oxygen Systems ServiceParts and Assembly IntegrationChain Hoist and Hoist Systems Fabrication we help raise the bar for enhanced safety, increased production, and cost effectiveness for businesses and installations, everywhere.

Morgan Aero ships domestically and internationally, continually.  If you are in need of a local integrator for your product(s), contact our team!


Connect With Morgan Aero – Your Trich Cleaning Experts

San Antonio business owners and facility supervisors can connect with the Morgan Aero team in various ways:

  • Call (425) 438-9600 for immediate assistance
  • Send inquiries, on line, 24/7 regarding our trich cleaning and other cleaning options
  • Discover more at morganaero.com
  • Request any required manuals or literature – we will, promptly reply
  • When nearby, visit our location at 1450 80th Street SW – Everett, WA 98203

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