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Pneumatic Chain Hoist Columbus

Welcome to Morgan Aero! Is your Columbus manufacturing business ready to replace manual lifting of heavy loads with a chain hoist system? Or, is your business ready to upgrade its heavy-lift machinery for a more streamlined option? Either way, get ready to experience enhanced efficiency and reduced lead times with Morgan Aero’s pneumatic chain hoist products!

Our chain hoists have been utilized from Los Angeles to Columbus to New York and across the globe for almost 60 years. Our pneumatic chain hoists deserve some center-stage attention due to their unique advantages over other types of hoists.

No matter if you operate a small shop in the Columbus area or a major industrial operation, your goal is to keep your production optimally efficient while maintaining the utmost safety. Pneumatic chain hoists are designed to address those critical needs and a whole lot more.

One distinct advantage of pneumatic chain hoists is their ability to operate without any electric power. Additionally, due to smooth movement-control, this type of hoist helps, tremendously, with precise spotting of loads. From design to installation at your Columbus location, you can trust the Morgan Aero name.

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Meeting Aerospace, Aircraft, and General Manufacturing Needs

Since 1964, Morgan Aero has partnered with a myriad of heavy-load industries involved with aircraft, aerospace, and general-manufacturing. Our Aerosafe worm-drive hoists include pneumatic hoists which are used by Boeing and almost all major airlines, worldwide, for engine and landing-gear installation and removal. One thousand of our Aerosafe chain hoists are in use around the world.

From our Aerospace Oxygen Systems Service to our Parts and Assembly Integration to our Chain Hoist and Hoist Systems Fabrication, Columbus facilities harvest the benefits of a one-stop source for load-lift management!

Pneumatic Chain Hoists – The Benefits Continue

The benefits of utilizing a pneumatic chain hoist for your Columbus facility are hard to ignore. These gems:

  • pose no risk of explosion in potentially-combustible environments
  • have no electric motors and, therefore, can be used in remote environments
  • are impervious to dirt, dust, heat, vapors, high-temps, and humidity
  • offer uninterrupted use over multiple shifts, without overheating
  • offer wide-range speed control, allowing sensitive load positioning with extreme accuracy
  • weigh less, allowing for handling ease and enhanced mobility
  • offer higher duty cycles which means no downtime
  • possess fewer components which means less maintenance and less-costly repairs

If you have any questions regarding Morgan Aero’s pneumatic chain hoist products, feel free to contact our team at (425) 438-9600.

We Strive for Excellence in Everything We Do

At Morgan Aero, we adhere to a conduct of excellence that forms the cornerstone of our company. Whether it’s our products, processes, systems, or services, it all boils down to customer satisfaction. We are proud of our Quality-Management System which is ISO 9001:2000 certified and third-party inspected.

Our aerospace-quality lever hoists, chain hoists, worm-drive hoists, and sling-lifting systems are vital components for manufacturing installations locally, nationally, and globally. Morgan Aero’s lever hoists and hand-chain hoists, fully, meet strictBoeing Hoist Specifications which include:

  • M-7360-99-2574
  • M-7360-99-2714
  • M-MEAP-02-13789
  • 1-157306941-1
  • MIL-H-904J
  • appendix ‘A’ and CE certification standards

Morgan Aero developed the JM and JM-AP series of lever hoists for the Boeing 737 Advanced Generation Aircraft. We manufacture the APU hoist – the AP6108 chain-drive unit – used by the USAF as well as major airlines around the world. Our Columbus clients will not find a higher caliber APU aircraft hoist, of this type, anywhere else on the world market!

Parts, Servicing, Expansion, and Customer Care

The Morgan Aero team offers comprehensive parts and servicing for all our hoists as well as certified proof load testing on our NIST traceable hoist-testing equipment. We, also, supply “just in time” aerospace parts and other components when no time can be wasted.

Continued expansion of our business allows us to meet our clients needs, without interruption. We offer 17,000 sq/ft of new manufacturing, storage, and processing space and an additional 20,000 sq/ft of new warehouse and assembly space.

We ship domestically and internationally, continually, and if you are in need of a local integrator for your product, contact our team! For lift or load challenges that involve jet engines, landing gear, aerospace components, heavy machinery etc, Morgan Aero is ready to serve your Columbus facility’s needs!

Connect with Morgan Aero, Today – Your Lifting Just Got Easy

Facilities in Columbus can connect with our team online, 24/7. Feel free to:

  • Call (425) 438-9600 for immediate assistance
  • Request any required manuals or literature
  • Visit our location at 1450 80th Street SW – Everett, WA 98203