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At Morgan Aero, we offer aerospace-grade hoists and sling lift systems for your convenience. For even your most demanding lifting jobs, our reliable hoists will fit the bill.  Worldwide, we have been paving the way for excellence within the field of hand chain hoists, and we will stop at nothing to ensure that customers just like you get the products they need in order to meet the demand of each job on a daily basis. Our Seattle-based customers simply love our high-quality tools, and clients just like you notice the Morgan Aero difference from day one of working with us.


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Despite your particular need, Morgan Aero can help. We love assisting customers from a variety of different industries. This goes to show that our tools can be applied in many different scenarios. We help folks that work in construction, aviation, automotive repair shops, and manufacturing plants. No matter your need, our hoists will work in your favor.


Our optimized ROIs will leave you feeling satisfied. Due to the ease of use that accompanies our unique hand chain hoists, the potential increase in your revenue alongside noticeable efficiency will make it a joy to utilize our tools regularly.  The bottom line is that you can’t afford not to!

Increased Benefits With Our Hoists

It won’t be long before you begin noticing the increased benefits of choosing our specialized hoists for your various jobs. A few of the benefits you might notice are:


  • Simplicity in Design

We love offering our customers simplicity in design and application when it comes to our hoists.  Our unique tools are both wire and motor-free, leading to a more user-friendly experience overall.


  • No-Fuss

With our tools, you will enjoy the fact that no electricity is required. This means our hoists can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them more flexible and versatile in their applications.


  • Many Uses

We have a very diverse customer base. Industries from all over rely upon our unique hand chain hoists on a daily basis to get the jobs done.


Our Story

For many decades, our name has been synonymous with professionalism, excellence, and high standards in the field of hand chain hoists manufacturing. We guarantee that when you turn to us for help with these tools, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, Boeing aircraft and several other international aircraft companies have relied upon us for our aerospace worm-drive hoists.  These tools assist with both engine and landing needs. It’s easy to see why each day, people just like you rely upon us for the most excellent hand chain hoists in the industry.


When you need to reach us, contact our team at (425)438-9600.  We are

available 24/7 online where you can connect with our team and glean more information about us.   


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For the best in hand chain hoist manufacturing, look no further than Morgan Aero. We would love to assist you with all of your hand chain hoist needs.

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