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When you need hand chain hoists you can trust, don’t turn to anyone else but Morgan Aero.  For the last 60 years, our reputable hoist company has been consistently paving the way for excellence within this field.  Regardless of your need, our hoists can help.  We love being the manufacturer you can turn to with complete confidence for all of your heavy and light lifting jobs.  For our customers located within the San Francisco area, Morgan Aero has got you covered.


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Depending on your unique individual needs, we can help equip you to get the job done right.  With our hand chain hoists, you will enjoy increased ease of use and portability, leading to each job being completed faster and more efficiently.  Across the globe, Morgan Aero is the company you can lean upon for the best hand chain hoists on the market.


We are proud to be a part of helping our customers gain notable advantages in their businesses.  You will see that your ROIs are something worth noting after working with us.  Our tools make life easier due their simplicity, leading to less maintenance and noticeable efficiency.

Benefits to Enjoy

Our customers will tell you that the increased benefits of working with Morgan Aero are noteworthy.  A few advantages of choosing our hoists over others are:


  • No Fuss

Our tools are simply designed in order to meet the specific needs of each client.  You will enjoy their ease of use and the fact that they are both wire and motor-free.


  • No Hassle

What does no hassle mean?  It means you won’t be limited by things like a lack of electricity on the job.  That’s right.  Our tools don’t require such things, meaning you can use them either indoors or outdoors.


  • Many Applications

When you opt for our hand chain hoists, you will see the many applications that they can be used for.  Everything from construction to automotive repair needs can be satisfied through the use of our unique tools


A Bit About Us

For the last 60 years, we have been the name you can trust when it comes to hand chain hoists suppliers.  Our commitment to excellence and professionalism within the industry is noteworthy, and many of our customers have been thrilled by the high quality of our products.  In other words, we have earned our reputation for being one of the best hand chain hoist manufacturers in the industry!


It will come as no surprise to hear that well-known companies such as Boeing and other international aircraft manufacturers rely upon our Aerospace worm-drive hoists to get their jobs done on a daily basis.  Everyday, customers just like you use our tools to make life easier and more efficient.


You can reach out to our team today at (425)438-9600 if you have questions about our tools or would like more information.  We are also available anytime online at www.morganaero.com.


Did you know that our quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified? With this certification, you can rest assured that we value both regulations and high standards in our business.  Additionally, it will please you to know that our Boeing hoists hold to the following certification standards:

  • M-7360-99-2574
  • M-7360-99-2714
  • M-MEAP-02-13789
  • 1-157306941-1
  • MIL-H-904J
  • appendix ‘A’ and CE certification standards


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If you are looking for reputable hand chain hoists and live in the San Francisco area, look no further than Morgan Aero.  You can call today and someone from our team would be happy to assist you with any questions that you may have regarding our products.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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