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The last thing you need when you’re on the hunt for heavy lifting assistance is equipment that doesn’t hold up to the jobs required.  Rest assured that when you need a hand chain hoists manufacturer that you can trust, Morgan Aero will fit the bill every single time.  We are a reputable hoists company with a top-notch reputation in the industry at large.  For even your most demanding jobs, our hand chain hoists will cover your needs from beginning to end.  Our Fort Worth customers can attest to our unique tools and how they never fail to deliver.  When trustworthy hand chain hoists are what you need–Morgan Aero has got your back.


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Regardless of the job required, our tools will make your heavy lifting needs a breeze.  The clientele we serve is varied, ranging from construction companies to auto repair shops.  What this says about our company is that we offer tools that are not only trustworthy, but can meet a variety of needs and expectations.  Globally, Morgan Aero is happy to be named one of the most reliable manufacturers of hand chain hoists on the market today.


You will enjoy a great return on investment when you choose to use our tools for your various applications.  Our hand chain hoists make the work a breeze due to being highly portable, efficient, and easy to handle.

Enjoy the Increased Benefits

With our unique hand chain hoists, customers just like you will enjoy the many benefits of using them in their businesses.  A few benefits you will notice are:


  • Appealing Design, Geared Towards Simplicity

Our specialized hand chain hoists are thoughtfully designed with you in mind.  We know how complex some machinery can be, which is why we think you will love what we have to offer.  Our hoists are wire and motor-free, leading to ease of use and less overall maintenance.


  • Electricity is NOT Required

You heard that right!  Our hoists do not require electricity, making their use much broader.  This includes jobs that need to be done both out of doors or indoors.


  • Suited for Many Various Needs

It’s wonderful to see how many industries rely upon our hoists for heavy lifting jobs.  We have a vast customer base, and are pleased to supply our tools to those working within everything from construction to aviation.


The Morgan Aero Reputation

For over 50 years, our name has been synonymous with quality and excellence in the field of hand chain hoists.  The respect is well-earned since we have been supplying the best in our industry consistently year after year.  Those that work within the aviation industry can attest to our fine products.  For many years, we have supplied Boeing aircraft with our Aerospace worm-drive hoists and have assisted other aviation companies with the tools needed for engine and landing assistance.  Worldwide–our reputation has stood the test of time.


Feel free to contact our team today at (425)438-9600.  If you have any questions, you can also reach out to us 24/7 online and connect with our team regarding any questions that may arise.


Our Certifications

Does ISO 9001:2015 certification mean anything to you?  We think it should!  Our quality management system is proud to be certified by this prestigious designation.  This means you can put extra confidence in the fact that our hoists are certified according to some of the most stringent standards around.  Additionally, our various hoists meet these Boeing hoist specifications:

  • M-7360-99-2574
  • M-7360-99-2714
  • M-MEAP-02-13789
  • 1-157306941-1
  • MIL-H-904J
  • appendix ‘A’ and CE certification standards


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Should you find yourself in need of proper hand chain hoists, and are looking for a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer, we can help.  Contact us today, and someone from our team will be happy to assist you.  You can reach us at (425) 438-9600 for immediate assistance. Additionally, you can discover more about our company at www.morganaero.com.  We look forward to helping you!

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