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Finding a reputable hand chain hoists manufacturer can be tough.  Many tout their tools, but few can actually deliver.  With Morgan Aero, you will find our tools consistently meet the demands of even the most difficult jobs.  We are your trusted partner in delivering the highest quality hand chain hoists on the market today.  For customers located in the greater Charlotte area, you needn’t look any further in your search for hand chain hoists–we can help.  Whether your lifting job is heavy or light makes no difference to us.  Our hand chain hoists consistently meet and exceed the needs of clients just like you.


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We pride ourselves on servicing a variety of customers that serve in many different industries.  Some of the industries include the likes of construction companies, aviation suppliers and auto repair shops–just to name a few.  Globally, we have paved the way for excellence within the field of manufacturing hand chain hoists.


Our reliable team at Morgan Aero is happy to help make the jobs easier that you need accomplished in your day-to-day work life.  Our tools afford clients just like you a healthy return on investment due to the ease of use of our hand chain hoists.  This equates to less maintenance needed and increased efficiency overall.

Our Many Benefits

Did you know that Morgan Aero’s unique hand chain hoists can provide you with many benefits? A few of these benefits include our hoists being easy to use, hassle-free, and extremely versatile.



One reason our hoists are so easy to use is due to the simplicity of the overall design.  Our tools are wire and motor-free for your convenience.  They are also lightweight, meaning you can easily move them from job to job with very little difficulty.



By hassle-free, we mean no electricity is required.  Because of this, our hoists can be used in many different applications, including for indoor and outdoor jobs where there may not be easy access to electricity.



Our unique tools can assist with various jobs in a multitude of industries.  We love working with clients involved in aviation, automotive repair, construction, and manufacturing.  We are proud to offer tools which are both versatile and easy to use no matter your particular profession.


Our Background

Since the 1960s, Morgan Aero’s name has been synonymous with high quality.  We only provide the best when it comes to our unique hand chain hoists.  Our reputation is one of excellence and professionalism, so you can feel good about putting your trust in our versatile tools.  Boeing and other international aircraft companies utilize our products to assist them with both engine and landing needs.  Additionally, our Aerospace worm-drive hoists are something many airline companies depend upon daily.  For many years, we have been raising the bar when it comes to creating tools that make everyday jobs easier for customers just like you.


When it comes to excellence and professionalism within the world of hand chain hoists, contact our team today at (425) 438-9600.  We have everything you need to help you get your heavy lifting jobs done right.  You can also contact us 24/7 online where you will find more information about our company.


Holding the ISO 9001:2015 certification is important to us.  It equates to a commitment to high standards set forth within our field.  When you turn to us for all of your hand chain hoist needs, you can rest assured that we are passionate about excellence and are dedicated to the regulations that will help to keep us accountable.  Likewise, our Boeing customers will recognize these standards that our hoists meet:

  • M-7360-99-2574
  • M-7360-99-2714
  • M-MEAP-02-13789
  • 1-157306941-1
  • MIL-H-904J
  • appendix ‘A’ and CE certification standards


Allow Us to Be of Help to You

Should you find yourself searching for a reputable team of hand chain hoist manufacturers in the Charlotte area, look no further than our team at Morgan Aero.  We would love to be of help to you in the process.  Contact us at (425) 438-9600 and someone from our team will assist you.  It would be our pleasure to serve you in the coming days!

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