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If, as a Seattle business owner or facility supervisor, you have been searching for a hand chain hoists company with global recognition and more than a half-century of experience, you are where you need to be – welcome to Morgan Aero!  Our company offers a 60-year history of exceptional hoists and sling-lift systems in addition to critical support services.  The words, ‘Made in the USA’ are important to us, and we design and manufacture diverse varieties of hoists and sling-lift systems in our Everett, Washington plant.  From Seattle to Chicago and beyond our shores, our hand chain hoists are utilized day in and day out.


Our hand chain hoists are designed to not only take the effort and physical strain out of lifting loads but they help optimize lead times for any type of Seattle facility – large or small.  Enhanced efficiency of load lifting activities promotes more streamlined lead times which helps strengthen a company’s competitive edge in the marketplace.


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Whether it’s Seattle distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, aviation & aerospace installations, or locally-owned repair shops, if heavy lifting is part of daily operations, those businesses reap the benefits of our hand chain hoists to ensure their activities run at full steam.


Our hand chain hoists lift and lower objects without the use of electricity.  With a single operator performing the work of several people, reduced overhead labor costs can be realized, as well.

Seattle:  Let’s Lighten Your Load

Let’s summarize only a sampling of how our hand chain hoists would benefit your Seattle facility:

  • Strenuous labor-intensive work involving manual lifting is replaced with ease, safety, and enhanced efficiency.  Side note:  Work-related/heavy-lifting injuries and possible workers’ compensation claims could be kept at bay.
  • No need for a power source means added convenience and versatility with indoor and outdoor applications.
  • These portable units are ideal for drifting loads when an overhead crane is unavailable.
  • Simplistic designs mean easier repair, low maintenance, and user-friendly operation.
  • Compact sizes allow for use in areas with little headroom.


If you have any questions concerning our hand chain hoists, give us a call at 425-438-9600.  Seattle businesses can, also, connect with our team, online, 24/7.


Our Services Cater to Industries Around the World

As a hand chain hoists company, Morgan Aero has served aircraft, aerospace, and general manufacturing industries locally, nationally, and globally since 1964.  Our manual and pneumatic Aerosafe worm-drive hoists are used by Boeing and almost all major airlines, worldwide, for engine and landing-gear installation and removal.  One thousand of our Aerosafe chain hoists are in use coast-to-coast and around the world.

Due to our Aerospace Oxygen Systems Service, our Parts and Assembly Integration, and our

Chain Hoist and Hoist Systems Fabrication, businesses and industries in the US and around the world have their needs met, under one roof.


Exceptionalism is Our End Game

As a hand chain hoists company, our Quality-Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified.  This is important to our Seattle customers since it reflects our dedication to the highest standards of excellence which include third-party audits.

Our aerospace-quality lever hoists, hand chain hoists, and sling-lifting systems cater to endless global applications including fulfilling strict Boeing hoist specifications:

  • M-7360-99-2574
  • M-7360-99-2714
  • M-MEAP-02-13789
  • 1-157306941-1
  • MIL-H-904J
  • appendix ‘A’ and CE certification standards


Morgan Aero developed the JM and JM-AP series of lever hoists for the Boeing 737 Advanced Generation Aircraft.  We manufacture the APU hoist – the AP6108 chain-drive unit – used by the USAF as well as the majority of major airlines around the world.  Our Seattle clients will not find a higher caliber APU aircraft hoist, of this type, anywhere else on the world market!


Our Commitment is Uncompromising

Morgan Aero offers comprehensive parts and servicing for its hoists as well as certified proof load testing on our NIST traceable hoist-testing equipment.  We, also, supply “just in time” aerospace parts and other components for our Seattle customers when time runs thin and deadlines loom.

As a hand chain hoists company, we meet our customers’ continued demands by shipping domestically and internationally, continually.  If you require a local integrator for your product, contact our team!  For any lift or load requirements, Morgan Aero is here for you!


Connect with Morgan Aero – Where Effort Becomes a Thing of the Past

Whether you own a local Seattle business or manage a sprawling industrial complex, you can connect with Morgan Aero by:

  • Call (425) 438-9600 for immediate assistance.
  • Discover more at morganaero.com
  • Request any required manuals or literature – we will, promptly, reply.
  • Visit our location at 1450 80th Street SW – Everett, WA 98203.

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