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Cleaning for Oxygen Columbus

Do you own or supervise a Columbus business or installation that stores, utilizes, or transports oxygen?  If so, you are familiar with the ‘fire triangle’ that involves the three critical components to generate a fire:  1) oxygen – whether gaseous, liquid, molecular, atomic, or compressed 2) heat – which can be generated via friction/vibrations/other means and 3) fuel – which can include anything microscopic or larger ranging from VOCs, greases and oils, detergents, phosphates, dust, fibers, weld slag, fingerprints, smudges, and the list goes on – any type of matter or particulate that can act as fuel within the fire triangle.

When an unintentional fire is generated in an oxygen-rich or oxygen-supplemented environment, it can rapidly become disastrous.  The 1967 Apollo 1 tragedy is a prime example of how a small spark in an oxygen-enhanced environment can lead to death and destruction when pure oxygen has an opportunity to act as a potent oxidizer.


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At Morgan Aero, our cleaning for oxygen services serves as risk mitigation for any Columbus installation that utilizes or houses oxygen.  Our company’s history revolves around almost 60 years of dedication serving aviation, aerospace, and general manufacturing entities across the country and across the globe.

Our cleaning for oxygen services ensure safer Columbus work environments as well as the optimized safety of workers in proximity to enhanced oxygen environments.  Our cleaning for oxygen services, also, ensures the integrity of oxygen purity.  This is vital since oxygen subjected to contaminants will, for example, lose its effectiveness with industrial cutting and burning processes – this being only one example out of many.

Cleanliness becomes the operative word, and ensuring cleanliness via contamination elimination is a specialized service Morgan Aero is known for, worldwide.  Our authority, our tools, our technologies, and our talents assure Columbus business owners and installation supervisors of a standard of excellence they can rely on, 100%.


Maintenance Matters Too

When oxygen system components become weakened, compromised areas must be immediately addressed.  For example, with enough velocity, a rupture in a tubing system could easily result in high-pressure gas being released, endangering everything and everyone in the vicinity.  At Morgan Aero, we  help Columbus installations become proactive and preventive as opposed to being reactive after a tragedy has occurred.

Our technicians will thoroughly and meticulously inspect your oxygen system parts for any possible compromises.  One of the most common causes of fires and explosions is dangerous oxygen enrichment due to leaking equipment.

Our cleaning for oxygen does one more thing for our Columbus clients:  it generates peace of mind, free of charge!  Manufacturing, production, testing, and research facilities from Los Angeles to Dallas to Columbus and beyond trust the Morgan Aero name!

Our cleaning for oxygen services cater to the following specifications:

  • Boeing BPS-O-100
  • BAC 5402
  • BAC 5408
  • DPS 4.901
  • SAE ARP1176 & MIL-STD-1359


Please contact our team at (425)-438-9600 if your Columbus facility has a cleaning specification not listed here.  Morgan Aero covers the cleaning, inspecting, and packaging of all oxygen 1) fittings 2) tube assemblies 3) crew/therapeutic/passenger masks 4) bottles and 5) test equipment and tooling.

At Morgan Aero, your assurance of safety and product purity rests upon our Quality Management System which is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016.  Additionally, Morgan Aero is Source Qualified to SAE AS9003 and Boeing Q14.

ISO 9001, as the international standard for quality management, means our products and services, consistently, meet customer and regulatory requirements.  It, also, demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement.  AS9100 incorporates all the elements of ISO 9001 in addition to industrial standards unique to the aerospace industry.


Our Cleaning for Oxygen – Whatever You Need, We Cover It All

Columbus facilities benefit from Morgan Aero’s cleaning for oxygen services which cover:

Assembling and packaging oxygen system components and sub-assemblies in an approved clean-room environment to, fully, meet every client’s specifications.

Operating a Boeing-approved clean room and vapor-degreasing facility that can process tubing assemblies up to 20 feet long.  Our electronics cleaning is utilized for electronic pressure gauges, aircraft electronics equipment, electronic circuit boards, avionics test equipment, and a host of other types of electronics used within military, defense, and civilian markets.

Hydrostatic pressure testing to 6,000 PSI.

Manufacturing and repairing specialized oxygen-system test equipment to meet Columbus customers’ unique requirements.

Assembling and integrating your parts to exacting specifications for direct shipment to the Boeing Company.  As an added amenity to further our efficiency, the Morgan Aero location is a mere half-mile from the Boeing Everett facility.

Since 1964, Morgan Aero has closely collaborated with aviation, aerospace, and manufacturing entities and sub-industries within each.  We ensure specific needs are met via our Aerospace Oxygen Systems ServiceParts and Assembly IntegrationChain Hoist and Hoist Systems Fabrication which are, all, intended to ensure facilities in Columbus and around the world operate safely, expeditiously, and cost-effectively.

Morgan Aero ships domestically and internationally, continually.  If you are in need of a local integrator for your product, contact our team!


Connect with Morgan Aero – Columbus’ Cleaning for Oxygen Authority

Columbus business owners and facility supervisors can connect with Morgan Aero in various ways:

  • Call (425) 438-9600 for immediate assistance
  • Discover more at morganaero.com
  • Send inquiries, on line, 24/7 regarding our cleaning for oxygen and other services
  • Request any required manuals or literature – we will, promptly, respond
  • When nearby, visit our location at 1450 80th Street SW – Everett, WA 98203

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