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Aircraft Lifting Hoist Houston

Did you know that the best chain hoists can be found at Morgan Aero? For many years, we have been the name to trust in the industry of aviation chain hoists in particular and also for hoists of every kind. Our company is known for its commitment to excellence and integrity in all aspects of our business. When you need the best in chain hoists, there is simply nowhere else to look but Morgan Aero.


We understand well the needs of our customers, and seek to always go the extra mile to ensure that all of your chain hoist needs are met adequately and responsibly. We assess the needs of clients just like you and help them to determine the hoists that will fit the jobs required of them.


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Are you located in the Houston area and searching high and low for trustworthy chain hoists? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Morgan Aero would be happy to help you find the appropriate chain hoist for your unique job.


We understand the concerns you might have about your upcoming heavy or light lifting jobs, and would be happy to provide you with the highest quality chain hoists found on the market today. Our reliable tools will help you feel both confidence and ease when you are working a high risk job.  In other words—we simply always take care of you!

The Many Benefits of Using our Tools

It’s clear by now that when you use our tools, you will experience many benefits. A few of them are described below:

  • Sleek

It will come as no surprise to hear that our tools are designed with you in mind. They are sleek and simple to use.


  • No Electrical Required

Our customers simply love how versatile our tools are. One way this makes the lives of our clients easier is the fact that our tools do not require electricity to function.


  • Lots of Uses

Morgan Aero is trusted by many different industries in the heavy-lifting world. We service companies all the way from aviation to manufacturing, and everything in between.  No matter the need, we can help!


Respect and Ingenuity

For years, our company has been known by our commitment to excellence and professionalism in all that we do. We are a dedicated team of aircraft lifting hoist manufacturers, and will stop at nothing to ensure that our customers have everything they need for their various jobs ahead. We guarantee your satisfaction with our products, and will stop at nothing to ensure their precision and integrity from start to finish.


It will come as no surprise to hear that well-respected companies such as Boeing aircraft have utilized our tools for decades. In essence, our specialized aerospace worm-drive hoists are created to handle the everyday needs out on the tarmac for various airlines.


We love taking care of our customers. Rest assured that when you turn to us for all of your chain hoist requirements, you will not be disappointed.


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If you need more information about aircraft lifting hoists, reach out to us today at Morgan Aero.  Someone from our team would love to assist you with any and all of your concerns.  You can also also consider the following:

  • Search out our webpage at www.morganaero.com
  • Request manuals or literature to help you through this process

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